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Buy 4-CDC online

Buy 4-CDC online  for sale online or Diophedrone (crystal) is a new research chemical from cathinones family and you can buy 4-CDC online from

Buy 4-CDC

furthermore, we sale 4-CDC that is a new and legal alternative for 4-CEC, 4-EMC. From us, buy 4-CDC in crystal form and with a compound purity over 99.5%.

For orders above 1000g(1KG) of buy 4-CDC you should contact us on email. Nevertheless, 4-CDC is available for sale online.

4-CDC For sale online

4-CDC(crystal) is a new research chemical act as a psychostimulant. However, it is similar with 4-CMC. It is crystal form,Its purity is over 99.4%.4-CDC Crystal. It’s similar to 4-CMC (Clephedrone).

Buy 4-CDC

It’s miles comparable with 4-CMC and 4-MEC. Its purity is over 99%.

There’s very little facts concerning the pharmacology of 4-CDC (crystal) in the clinical literature. 4-CDC is for research take a look at motive most effective!

4-CDC crystals first of all is a new cathinone studies chemical and have comparable effects with 4-CMC and 4-MEC. However human beings can purchase it on line as a designer drug.

The properties and chemical statistics of 4-CDC will release very soon.  However, 4-CDC crystals is on the market handiest for research motive only!

However, now it is possible to buy high purity chemicals from us.

Buy 4-CDC


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